Scottsdale Golf Cart Rentals provides carts for your
personal and business needs.

What is the cost of 2/4/6 passenger cart rentals?

Rentals costs vary depending on duration of rental and location of delivery. Rates start at $225 per day for daily rentals.

Do you offer monthly or long term rentals?

We do offer weekly golf cart rentals, but recommend purchasing a golf cart if you are going to rent for more than a month.

Do you offer a discounted rate for renting a golf cart for multiple days?

Yes, prices range from $150-$199 a day, based on area, type of golf cart and amount of days. Please call us or email us to get an exact quote for a multi-day rental.

I am staying at old town Do you deliver to Campland by the bay?

Yes, delivery and pick up is free to Scottsdale Old Town if you rent a golf cart for 3 or more days.

Do you need a drivers license to rent a golf cart?

Yes, you must have a valid drivers license.

Do you need a drivers license to legally drive a golf cart?

Golf carts are street legal low speed vehicles (LSV) and require a valid drivers license to drive on public roads.  We require the main renter to be at least 25 years old.

What age does a person have to be to rent a golf cart?

The driver must be 25 years or older.

Is there a certain amount of days you need to rent for a holiday?

All holidays require a 3-day or more rental, except for Halloween.

What is the rate for Halloween rentals?

Halloween is the busiest single golf cart rental day of the year.  Golf cart rentals over Halloween require a 2 day minimum and are $599 plus delivery and pick up.

Do you have a minimum number of days for Holiday rentals?

Golf cart rentals over holidays require a 2-3 day minimum depending on holiday.

Do you deliver the golf cart and if so what do you charge?

We do deliver your golf cart rental right to your door, delivery charge depends on exact location.

Do you deliver outside of Scottsdale?

We do deliver outside of Scottsdale. Cost depending on location and distance from Fashion Square Mall.

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